Meet the Maker

Our mission is to create a safe and calm atmosphere. We will help you evolve by lighting up the darkest moments with a spark of a candle. The Evolving Sunflower starts with the seeds you plant in yourself.
The Evolving Sunflower a handcrafted candle company birthed from the desire to uplift and empower all. We promote and support you on your journey of self-love and self evolution.
As a women, wife, or mother words of affirmation can be the light in the darkest of days. I found that a smile can be formed with one light, a mixture of scents, and the most grateful combination of words. While we all search for purpose and a undefined meaning we encounter battles of strength. At my weakest moments I found strength within myself by lightning up the darkest moments with a candle and stating words of purpose to myself.
 I fell in love with the aroma in therapeutic candles. On my first encounter with candles the calming smell of lavender. Lavender is my favorite scent so mellow and relaxing. I like candles for the purpose of romance and relaxation. As the like of candles transformed into love I became interested in the creation of candles. When I created my first candle I feel in love with the process. The creation of my first candle was created with love which brought me purpose. The Evolving Sunflower lights up romance, relaxation, and affirmations for its consumers.
We dress up our candles with affirmations to help light the way to clarity. Every candle comes with purpose to heal and empower. As you talk to yourself light a candle and let your purpose shine.